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Every year I do a 4 week experiment.

No Facebook
No Twitter
No Instagram

A week before I do this I usually got a lil panicky.
What, no Instagram?

But then as my Day 1 approaches I take the time to examine what my experience is when I am on Social Media.

Embarrassing to admit. But here it is.

  1. I use it when there is a gap. Meaning a moment that I have “free.” Or a moment when I don’t know what to do. Or a moment when I am uncertain or uncomfortable. I use it to avoid what I am feeling.
  2. I use it to try to make people laugh.
  3. I use it to show how great my life is. My life is great – but I sometimes use social media as a way to get some kind of validation for it. As if having a great life weren’t enough.
  4. I “discover” that other people are having more fun than me, are more successful than me, are sexier than me, are younger than me, are more photogenic than me, have tighter abs than me…

Bottom line – I use social media as a way to avoid the moment – and usually feel slightly crappy afterwards. True – sometimes I crack up on a silly video (love that!) – but then I keep poking around until I feel a mild energetic flatness.

What’s wild is I also recognize how addictive it all is.

After a only a few days of experimenting, here is what I notice…

I feel like I’m getting a piece of my life back. Instead of looking at what’s in front of me as something to capture-and-share – I just see it.

Yesterday I sat in front of the bay near my house and watched the ripples on the water with Kuma (my pup) at my side.

It was delicious. I just looked, felt my breath, and then Kuma leaned into me – a beautiful moment.

I tell you this because, if you want to explore this for yourself, I invite this for you.
It’s a worthy experiment.

Now, that “gap” that I was looking to avoid is something I want to relish in.

As artists and communicators it’s essential to hang out in that gap.

Reminds me of Peter Brook’s quote:
“When there is emptiness – true creativity fills the space.”



Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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