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My Dear Friend

In tumultuous times…

What is asked of the artist?

That she speaks from her truth.

That he creates from his soul.

That every sound, every movement, every word, every image is offered as if it were that artists last act on earth.

The masses look to the artist for a signal, a confirmation, a sense of recognition.

The masses look to the artist as a way to remember that they are not alone.

The masses hope and pray that the artist will always create from a place of honesty.

This honesty makes us feel safe, and reminds us that we are connected on a level beyond logic.

The masses look to the artist to confirm their right to be brave.

The artist must be brave.

Brave enough to stand in the light of the unknown and create fully.

I seek to inspire you to create from every cell in your being.

It is your right and your responsibility.

With respect, admiration, honor, and amazement at who you are – I look forward to all you have to share with the hungry masses that are ready for your truth.

Go get it!

Josh Pais
Founder of Committed Impulse

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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