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The Ultimate Question…

Let’s talk about the…

Ultimate Question

Well, the ultimate question when it comes to creativity.

Getting it right when it comes to this question will literally give you creative freedom…

How can I change what I feel to fit the scene I am about to act?
How can I change what I feel to fit the situation I am about to walk into?

These questions are often asked with a sense of panic because our minds often tell us that what we are feeling will produce horrendous outcomes.

I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s examine this for a moment.

Your audience – whether you are an actor or entrepreneur or artist – you have an audience – wants one thing.


Whether you are closing a business deal, making a presentation, shooting a movie or auditioning…

Your audience wants YOU.

Not some amped up or amped down version of you.

They want you – exactly how you are in that actual moment.


Because if they sense you are speaking from your truth – their nervous system relaxes – and they can engage in a creative way with you.

When you hide, suppress, over-express, manipulate yourself into what you think is ideal – people’s nerves systems go on edge – and they will be triggered into their heads and away from their hearts and creativity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Connecting to what you’re feeling is NOT the same as having a drama about what you are feeling.


The real question is…

How does what I feel make perfect sense for the scene?
How does what I feel to fit the situation I am about to walk into?

This may take some creativity on your part – but there is always a way to discover that what you’re feeling is perfect.


This may be slightly disturbing in the beginning – but if you play around with this – you will be liberated to be exactly YOU.

Have a beautiful week!

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