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Maybe (Definitely) It’s Time for a Creative Upgrade

Every once in a while it’s important to take a look at how we create, and why.

It’s key to see if we are stuck in comfortable patterns that don’t challenge us to do our best work.

Similarly, its important to look at what has influenced us – and if those influences are optimal and current.

Here’s something I’ve taken a look at recently…

My initial actor training was based on the work of the Russian innovator, Constantin Stanislavski. Dude was born in 1863.

(154 years ago)

Since then what has happened to actor training?

Stanislavsky’s work was brought to the United States by such master teachers as Lee Strasberg, Sandy Meisner & Stella Adler.

No doubt…

They innovated actor training FOR THEIR ERA.

Their era:
Strasberg born in 1901
Meisner born in 1905
Adler born in 1901

Currently 95% of all actor training in the US is still influenced by these three masters.

I want to give respect where it’s due.


It is now 2017!!!

We have to recognize that we are in a completely NEW ERA. To rely on the modalities of another era is irresponsible and lazy.

Audiences ( and even if you’re not an actor – you have audiences! ) are not interested in the old ways.

The old ways no longer engage the audience of today.
This means booking jobs, public speaking, pitching your product (dealing with your audience) must be done in a way that is concurrent with what people respond to today.

With our cultural addiction to small screens and devices – we as actors, artists, entrepreneurs, pimps and hos ( just checking to see if you are awake:)…

MUST ENGAGE AND CREATE from our IMPULSES. Impulses are the ultimate form of truth. Impulses are the access way to spontaneity and presence.

We must create from OUR TRUTH – not an imaginary truth – not from emotional truths of the past.


So, get to it!

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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