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Success Stories

“The power of being present is something I learned most about in CI and something I try to invoke in every job I do.”

It was in Josh’s class that I first experienced what it was like to be completely unselfconscious. Almost a version of enlightenment. And I didn’t have to go to a monastery to find it – just to Committed Impulse. When I stepped on stage, Josh created a safe environment where I could fully trust myself and allow all of my instincts to flourish and to be fully realized. He is like a conductor: fully aware of all the instruments, the strings, the bows; and he guides you along and helps allow you to play every note. The power of being present is something I learned most about in CI and something I try to invoke in every job I do.

– Simon Helberg
Big Bang Theory, A Serious Man, Evan Almighty

Maria Dizzia

“It seems like … your amazing discoveries… could only have come from the son of a physicist who loved performing.“

Josh, you know this, but your work is such a valuable service. I felt so lucky to share the room with you and the rest of the class. You’ve made amazing discoveries about how the mind and body work together and, too often, apart. It seems like they could only have come from the son of a physicist who loved performing. Thank you for all of the introspection, study and thought and just doing that went into creating Committed Impulse. I’m so grateful to have experienced it.

– Maria Dizzia, Actress
Orange Is The New Black, Louie, The Newsroom, The Good Wife, Martha Marcy May Marlene

“The Best Class I’ve Ever Taken”

– Bryan Greenberg
How To Make It In America, Friends With Benefits, Bride Wars, Prime

“Ultimately, the experience gave me confidence.”

Committed Impulse made a true difference for me. Participating in the experience has since allowed me to consistently be more present, ignited my spontaneity (something that had been hidden deep down!), and has helped me tap into a power I was not even aware was inside me. I was able to get in touch with my body in a new way, which in turn broke down mental barriers for me. Ultimately, the experience gave me confidence. I highly recommend this experience for fellow creative professionals who want to dig deeper and break new ground in both their creative and professional lives.

– Amy Porterfield, Entrepreneur & Online Marketing Expert

“Through Committed Impulse I’m on my way to becoming a world class speaker.”

– Laura Roeder, Entrepreneur

“… I got an audition for the lead in an independent feature film … throughout the arduous audition process … I said ‘I’m back’ and I was. It was fun. And I got the part.”

Before I met Josh and took Committed Impulse my main goal at auditions was not to feel nervous. I’d work hard to suppress my nerves or distract myself so I could feel “relaxed” enough to act. Josh, however, encouraged me to welcome or “party” with whatever feelings came up at auditions. This was a revelation.

I’ve started to have more fun and not judge myself by whether or not uncomfortable feelings arise. By allowing those nervous feelings and not suppressing or labeling anything as a “bad” emotion, I’ve begun to feel more open and free in the room.

Then about week after CI class ended, I got an audition for the lead in an independent feature film—it was the type of project I’d love to see as a viewer so I was very excited for the opportunity. Throughout the arduous audition process; several pre-reads, callbacks and chemistry reads, getting notes from the director and ultimately reading for the producers, I welcomed and partied with my nerves and other uncomfortable feelings in a way that would make my fraternity brothers jealous. And then I said “I’m back” and I was. It was fun. And I got the part.

– Toby Meuli
The Social Network, A Chance of Rain

“I Booked A Pilot On ABC… I Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Do It Without Committed Impulse.”

– Daniel Deferrari, Actor, NYC
Pan Am, Law And Order, Mercy

“I now have an amazing new level of ease and joy presenting to rooms with high-profile TV execs…”

In spite of doing numerous speaking engagements and on-camera appearances, I’ve always felt frozen inside when I’m the center of attention; unsure how to melt that Titanic fear of, “They’re all watching you (insert maniacal laugh).” An hour private client session of Committed Impulse dissolved that phobia. Incredible! Josh walked me through my worst fears and helped me transform my approach to entering a room and being present. Turns out, I don’t have to divorce myself from the fear, I can simply let it be. I learned how to walk into the room and own it.

My Committed Impulse session helped me bring out the best parts of myself with high-profile TV execs. I have an amazing new level of ease and joy presenting to rooms of people. Since that session, my work with Committed Impulse has been yielding nonstop results. I’m so comfortable on-camera now that a brief appearance on a local morning show in Seattle turned into an offer for a monthly spot.

– Tali Edut
The AstroTwins,, Entrepreneur

“I was doing my first professional close up with Helen Mirren. I heard Josh’s voice in my head saying ‘nerves are just energy, feel them and use them’. I’m pleased to say the results were great.”

– Philip Martin
HBO’s Phil Spector Biopic, Matchmakers

“After My VERY FIRST Class, I Was Flown Out to LA to Test for the Network.”

When I decided I wanted to pursue an acting career seriously, Committed Impulse was the first step I took in hopes of preparing myself for the career change. Only days after my VERY FIRST class, I was flown out to LA to test for the network of the new Gossip Girl spinoff show. After the SECOND class I booked a role on the series FRINGE.

Josh enables actors to view acting in a different light, I was taught how to turn away from my thoughts and be absolutely in tune with what is happening within and around me in the present moment.

You learn how to tell the truth in the most raw forms. The Committed Impulse technique is something every person can incorporate into every aspect of their lives, not only their acting aspirations, and transform the way they view the world.

– Ashley Hinshaw, Model, Actress, NYC
Chronicle, Cherry, Gossip Girl, Fringe

“After One CI Weekend I Booked A Hosting Gig On E! News Now And Co- Stars On Criminal Minds And Southland”

– Grasie Mercedes, Actress & Host, Los Angeles, CA
Crazy Stupid Love, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Southland

“The Magic Of Committed Impulse Is That The Teachings Are Simple, Yet The Results Are Profound.”

I just finished taking the Committed Impulse Master Class and had a major breakthrough in our final session. Much like a skilled surgeon with his scalpel, Josh has an amazing ability to target the very nucleus where you are most blocked and carve out that fear in order to set you free. Through his intuitive technique he is able to guide you past your barriers so that you can surf on the artist’s coveted threshold of spontaneity.

My resistance was hard and heavy and just when I was ready to give up, something broke open. I went for it. I played. I didn’t know what would happen next. I didn’t care. I was spontaneous. I had fun. I felt free.

A week later I had an audition, it was the first audition where I consciously used the tools that Committed Impulse taught me. I booked the part. Give yourself the tools of Committed Impulse and feel the amazing boon in your work, your art, and your life.

– Elizabeth Elkins, Actress
Mercy, Army Wives

“Finally, the network picked up my series regular option.”

I was 20 minutes late for my session with the producers of a pilot. It was pouring rain and I was stuck in paralyzed, impenetrable traffic on the Triborough on the way to Silvercup East. I showed up to the studio dripping wet and freaked out of my mind. They were ready for me to read immediately.

Rather than try to center myself or get back to square one, I just walked in. I read the scenes like I felt – amped up, breathless. Then I left.

I hoped my approach hadn’t worked against me. Turns out, I was the only person in New York or Los Angeles who they screen tested for the role.
Later, I learned that in an initial casting session, the director leaned out into the waiting room and yelled to the actors, “Can someone just come in here and be a star, please?!” But I didn’t go in trying to be a star. I just made a choice to work with what I had going on.

Then, all this bullshit happened. The network wasn’t sure they wanted to commit to me. They let my series regular contract option run out and offered me the role as a guest star. I shot the pilot. I was listed as one of the stars on the call sheet, but I felt like I was still auditioning. All I could do was stay present and act my scenes like I felt. I let things change from take to take, based on what the other actors were giving me. I trusted my own work.

A few months went by. I still didn’t know if I had the role. The pilot was picked up to series, and still I had no contract – no idea whether I had a job. This was the hard part. Shooting was easy compared to the waiting. I had to stay present and attempt not to go absolutely bonkers.

Finally, the network picked up my series regular option – just a few weeks before shooting began. I screamed bloody murder and jumped up and down. Yet … it was the weirdest thing. I had been working towards this my whole life. But the process had been so enervating that now, as everybody congratulated me, I couldn’t feel it. It was so drawn-out and anticlimactic that I couldn’t feel the joy my friends and family felt for me.
This is where Committed Impulse has been most valuable. These days I’ve been reaching for my CI training to aid me in staying in the moment and experiencing the constant physical sensation of this insane, glorious experience. I want to enjoy this thing that I’ve always wanted – I want to be in it and feel it. What’s the point, otherwise?

– Max Jenkins
The Mysteries of Laura, Orange is the New Black, High Maintenance, 30 Rock

“I just signed with my dream legit agent today…”

Josh, you are a rock star! I just signed with my dream legit agent today, booked a comedic feature, and am shooting tomorrow while still on hold for 3 other jobs! It is magic to be who I am and know that I am enough personally and professionally. No difference between the 2 P’s anymore. You showed me how to tap into it and trust it.

– Hilary Greer
All My Children, College Musical


“Nervousness became fuel and I felt myself just riding this amazing roller coaster… 2 days ago I found out I got the job.“

The Character Workshop was liberating, exciting and fun. Right after the workshop I had an audition for a Costa Rican director that is coming to shoot a feature in the Dominican Republic. To my surprise, instead of sides, the audition consisted of a filmed interview, where the casting director asked me questions and I had to respond as the character. I felt right doing this because of the workshop!!! The sensations in my body where loud and awesome…nervousness became fuel and I felt myself just riding this amazing roller coaster. I had so much fun. 2 days ago I found out I got the job. Thank you for your journey and for sharing your growth and insights with us. It is a gift.

– Sarah Jorge, Actress
Al Sur de la Inocencia, Bestia de Cardo

“They call me an hour later and say: ‘You hit it out of the park’ and hired me.”

I hadn’t worked with the online program in a month or so, but I jumped back in last week.

Get this, I was called in for a costar on Criminal Minds the day after restarting CI online.

When I first walked into the room I was very nervous, it was my first TV audition in front of producers and the director, but the nervousness turned into excitement and I let it power the scenes.

Producer: “That was very impressive”
CD: “That was a REALLY good read”

They call me an hour later and say: ” You hit it out of the park” and hired.
This is my FIRST TV credit.

– Douglas Olsson, Actor
Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, Hollywood, Inc, Weapon of Choice, La Migra

“I had to give a presentation at work in front of my entire company (around 400 people)“

This Wednesday I had to give a presentation at work in front of my entire company (around 400 people). With the help of Committed Impulse, I was able to go up in front of all those people and confidently share my joy and passion without being scared. I can’t begin to say how much CI helped me and am so grateful to Josh for sharing your knowledge/passion/experiences.

I’ve received so many compliments on my presentation, and one colleague even sent me this note: “Andrea, your presentation today was FANTASTIC. You have such poise, polish and presence. How did you learn to do such a professional presentation? Really, it was everything–substantive, yet clear, organized, easy to understand and interesting, too.”

The CI workshop was such an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to take another course soon!

– Andrea Baty, Sustainability Coordinator
VF Sportswear, Inc.

“That is the first time an agent has listened so intently to what I had to say.”

After my weekend with the LA CI workshop, I discovered how much I was stopping my love for my acting from permeating into my everyday life. Once that became clear, I found I was able to articulate, simply and clearly, my authentic truth just as if I was forming a business deal that I’m super lit up about. I now have a meeting with an agent I’m really looking forward to working with. Here is what I said to him: “I’m excellent at playing these kinds of roles. I haven’t been auditioning for the last two years because I took a break to work on my craft and create my own work. I know what I’m capable of, and I’d like to start auditioning for roles that truly suit me. ” He scheduled a follow up meeting with me for next week. That is the first time an agent has listened so intently to what I had to say. I attribute that to my to my ability to speak from a place of such authentic confidence with ease. That is what I walked away with after my LA CI weekend. Thank you Josh and all my fellow CI friends! This is the real deal: moment-to-moment, showing up and feeling, with ease!

– Alexis Fedor, Actress
Gray Matters

“For eons sages and learned people have been talking about being in the present, however you never knew how to get there.”

I wanted to tell you that I have been committed to “Committed Impulse” and doing the exercises in the online program with great interest. It is wonderful and helping me a lot.

For eons sages and learned people have been talking about being in the present, however you never knew how to get there. Committed Impulse is a tangible way to achieve that and most importantly you can have a measure of how you are progressing in the journey. My sincere thanks to you for developing the methodology and supporting and encouraging every aspirant to be successful. Whenever I get into one of those self inflicting moods, all I have to do is turn on one of the recordings and follow the simple technique and I am off to a new beginning. I have no doubt I will have great success in my life.

– Raj Gururaja
Global Healthcare Executive

“The Committed Impulse Online Program just helped me finish my first 5k race and shatter my goal! And after Josh’s workshop I promptly booked 3 out of 4 of my next auditions!”

The Committed Impulse Online Program has helped me SO much it’s hard to know where to start. I guess I’ll go with what is most recent since I literally just finished it – CITP just help me finish my first 5k race and shatter my goal of 40 minutes by about 6 minutes! (34:27 was the exact time). I also was able to run the entire race, not once did I feel I had to walk, and that was in part thanks to module 2 and the exercise when Josh told us to say “this is what I want” when things started to feel hard. I also stayed present by noticing the environment around me and feeling the energy within me and being ok with it. So thanks for helping me run my first race!

In acting, CI has been a godsend. I first took one of Josh’s weekend intensives in LA and promptly booked 3 out of 4 of my next auditions! Since starting the online course I’ve been reminded to stay present each day and in turn this has reminded me what it is I want. And to get what I want I’ve got to go for auditions that that “shit book” voice in my head says I’m not worthy of. I’ve got three auditions set up for the next two weeks and I was sought out by the producer of an animated ( and ongoing) Voiceover project.
It’s hard to describe how it’s changed my perspective, but CI really does help make things possible where I didn’t think they were before.

– Mary Beth Eversole, Actress
Supreme Justice, The Tree House

“I listen to the CI Online course before auditions.”

Holy wow, I am Loving having you in my pocket everyday!

I hope your filming is going beautifully.

I listen to the CI Online course before auditions.

I had a film audition in which I got a hold of the storyline and picked my rhythms which I now interchange to mean state of being . Then I do stream of consciousness exercise in Module One, and, in the room I throw away the prep, play, and take a ride!

I cannot say enough (obviously!) about how grateful I am and how exciting the future of the work looks.

It is not about getting the job, its about fully committing to what is happening NOW.

Really tough comedic script for tomorrow but it will keep me present and I will have you in my ear.

Much Love and Gratitude, Hilary

– Hilary Greer, Actress
College Musical, Alien Dawn, Makin’ It, Montauk Boys, A Safe Place

“I Left Class On Sunday Night. Had An Audition On Wednesday…My Phone Rang… I Booked The Job! No Call Back Necessary.”

I recently attended Josh Pais’ Committed Impulse On-Camera workshop in Los Angeles. It was the third time I have taken a workshop of his, but there was something about this weekend that just made everything click!

Josh seemed to know what I was thinking and feeling and pushed me to a place where I could break through my old habits that don’t smelerve any positive benefit. It all became so clear and simple – acting is fun and about playing! That is why we all started doing it in the fist place. If you strip away all the actions that hinder you in an audition, and allow yourself to be in the moment and have fun with the other people in the room it can be magical!

I left class on Sunday night. Had an audition on Wednesday. I was fired up from the weekend and felt nothing could get in my way! Then I heard nothing. Oh well. I let myself feel the pang of rejection and moved on. A couple days later I went to eat lunch. I was re-living class in my mind and thinking of all that I had learned, I thought to myself, “I’m back!”

At that exact moment my phone rang. It was my agent. I booked the job! No call back necessary. I was elated and laughing at the timing. Josh was right! This stuff really does work. The audition itself was so much fun! I dressed the part, channeled the acting goddess and did my fantasy way of doing the character. We played. Josh helped me realize we are allowed to do this. Ahhhhh! So much fun.

I cannot thank Josh enough for this new outlook on acting, and the carryover it has had in my daily life. He is so phenomenal and what he does and how he does it. His energy is contagious! See you for the next workshop!

– Erin Chenoweth, Actress, Los Angeles
Torchwood, Numb3rs

“Committed Impulse is my business “secret weapon”

Simple though profound, Josh’s teachings have been instrumental in helping me emerge as an industry leader. In the last few months alone, I’ve been featured in a TV show for the Bravo network, invited to speak at the prestigious Commonwealth Club, and received an overpowering standing ovation for my first weekend long seminar.

Thanks to Committed Impulse my “stage jitters” now empower me rather than sabotage me. Committed Impulse is my business “secret weapon. I highly recommend.

– Jena la Flamme, creator of Pleasurable Weight Loss™

“Thanks To Committed Impulse, I Booked A Job On Numbers.”

I just wanted to let you know that, thanks to Committed Impulse, I booked a job on “Numbers.” It was one of those crazy situations where I got a last minute call for a producer’s session, had to race downtown, pick up my sides, wait an hour in a room full of amped up actors and read for two highly emotional roles.

I picked a Committed Impulse rhythm for each character, stayed present and in my body with the tools you taught me, and then had one of the most fun and exciting auditions ever. It was honestly satisfying unto itself. Of course, getting the job wasn’t so bad either…

I can’t wait for you to come back to LA.

– Laura Ford, Actress, Los Angeles
Numb3rs, Heist, New Car Smell, LA Doctors

“Committed Impulse has given me the freedom to speak from exactly where I am at any given moment.  CI has given me the gift of being present with myself, with other actors, directors and creative teams, and even in every day life with friends and family and the world!”

– Jennifer Ferrin, Actress, NY & LA.
Boardwalk Empire, The Cape, Royal Pains, The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, As The World Turns

“I Dropped My Guard, Turned Off My Mind, And Followed My Heart… I Got The Part!”

The day after my very first class, I had a meeting for a film that I was really excited about. Class was so inspiring to me, that I told the director and producers all about it! I dropped my guard, turned off my mind, and followed my heart, THAT is what Committed Impulse is all about. A few hours after leaving my meeting, my agent called to tell me that I got the part!

This class reminds me that the only place to be is in the now, and now isn’t always fun, but it’s REAL.

– Zoe McLellan, Actress, NYC
Royal Pains, House, Star Trek: Voyager, Mr Holland’s Opus, JAG

“I went in for a major role on a TV movie … their response was “Wow, where have you been?”

After taking Josh’s class the improvement in my confidence and focus was palpable.

Since completing my first course with Josh I’ve gone from hit or miss auditions to getting callbacks or bookings on the majority of what I have gone out for. When I went in for a major role on a TV movie, the casting director’s response was ‘Wow, where have you been?‘ The CD recommended even sent a thank you note to my agent for sending me.

Josh creates an environment that is scary, but in a good way that still feels safe, it forces you to be a stronger person without beating you down or creating fear. He is both challenging and encouraging, he doesn’t let you settle for less than your best but he inspires you to be that in a simple and fun way. I look forward to working with him again!

Last month I did 3 films one of which (Game of Pawns) was a 3 week SAG contract where I played the lead role. I will be working the next 3 weeks playing a major supporting role in National Geographic’s ‘Killing Lincoln.’ Ridley and Tony Scott are Executive Producing the telefilm starring Billy Campbell as Lincoln. I’m continuing to find the CI tools a great asset at each step!

– Josh Murray
Killing Lincoln, Game of Pawns

“I’d Recommend This To WAY More Than Just Actors… Bricks Of Anxiety Have Been Lifted Off My Shoulders….500% Increase In Energy…”

You have NO idea how much of an impact your material and the experience of being with your students has made on me AND my students – and most importantly on the overall structure and power of the weekly class I teach. I invested in your program for this very specific reason.

I wanted to learn a skill to help me show up and teach with more authenticity, and I got WAY more than I bargained for. Instead of the same old weekly support class – I’ve experienced at least a 500% increase in energy and participation from all my students.

I’ve gotten at least 5x more testimonials after each class than I normally do, and the only change I’ve made is incorporating what you’ve taught me. I’m also less stressed and more excited to teach my weekly class than I could have imagined – again, because I always lay the foundation of each call now with the 4 step process and no matter what comes up in the class I can now handle SOOOO much easier. It’s like bricks of anxiety have been lifted off my shoulders.

You have no idea how valuable this is to me and I can’t thank you enough bro! I’d recommend this to WAY more than just actors, but as a marketer I love that you’ve narrowed your niche. I know that you’ll continue to attract more and more actors, speakers, teachers, small business owners and many other individuals who are seeking to show up more fully and authentically in their businesses and in their overall life.

It’s almost been a month since the event and the learning is continuous.

It’s literally given me the confidence to handle tough situations when students are breaking down and/or are feeling overwhelmed. I would normally take on the stress and try and “fix” their issues by talking them through the technical aspects of campaign development etc. But now I find myself first bringing them back and working with getting in tune with the present moment and they are leaving our sessions renewed and more energized and happier than ever before.

Just telling them to take a breath and be present wouldn’t have been enough. It was actually going through the experience with you and the others that has equipped me with a skill to help me in all areas of life and business.

– Kraig Ward, Head Honcho, Mindful Marketing Academy

“After CI I Booked The Next 2 Consecutive Jobs I Auditioned For.”

CI Makes you SING. Committed Impulse gave me an invaluable tool that I will carry for the rest of my life. After my second CI weekend, I booked the next 2 consecutive jobs I auditioned for, and have started to develop a freedom within myself and my acting. Josh has taught me to use whatever comes up in the moment and this has taken away all the fear of auditioning and trying to force myself into a specific state. Not only has CI changed my acting, but I have been inspired to write songs and generally lead a more present existence. Josh makes you believe that you can do anything! I don’t think words can do justice to the amazing-ness of CI and Josh as no less than a masterful LEGEND of a teacher.

– Jeri Silverman – Actress, Singer, Songwriter, NYC.

“Josh’s CI Technique Is Nothing Short of Revolutionary…”

Josh’s CI technique is nothing short of revolutionary. Before taking this class I always thought there was an ideal state of mind for an actor to be in on an audition. I would psyche myself out and obsess about being ‘calm’ on auditions and wound up becoming more nervous than when I first entered the room. Sometimes, I would get so nervous that my hands would start to sweat profusely and my script would become soggy – a BIG turn off for casting directors!

Josh has taught me not to resist what is occurring organically in my body, that each bodily sensation is a pathway to making the next line on the page fresh and unknown. Now, I know exactly what to do when I feel nervous at auditions and have the tools to use that energy as creativity for the character.

The most beautiful aspect of CI is that the people in class are rooting for you, which is unlike any other acting atmosphere I’ve ever been around. The supportive, collaborative nature of the class is inspiring. I also love that people from all walks of life are invited into the class. We have had people who have dedicated their entire lives to the art of acting and people who are in business who just want to step outside of the box. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone. It’s not JUST an acting class, it’s a lifestyle class!

– Damien Fahey, TV Host/Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Family Guy, Love Monkey, Total Request Live

“MTV, USA, NBC… I Got The Job… My Face Was On Billboards – Which Was Surreal…”

Josh taught me to treat my day job just as if it was the most important acting gig I’d ever landed. He told me to engage in it and stay presentI’d focus on it as much as possible. One day at random, there was a casting in our office and my boss asked me to audition. I got the job and ended up the poster girl for an action sportscompetition series called The Winter Dew Tour. My face was on billboards accross California–which was surreal–and I was cast in the commercial, which aired nationally on MTV, USA and NBC. Through Committed Impulse–engaging in my life on-stage and off–I was able to get my first mainstream commercial gig without even trying!

– Kristin Mallette, Actress, NYC
How Hard Can It Be

“The Casting Director Had Me Sit Down And Said, Why Haven’t We Seen You Before?”

I had my first audition since the Committed Impulse audition workshop. The casting director was so excited about it he had me sit down and said, “Where have you been? Why haven’t we seen you before? You are going to go far. There is a place for you in this industry. We need to get you out there to see people. You have to be circulated around, people need to see what you can do.” His excitement was amazing and I could sit there and be completely myself. WOW JOSH. WOW.

In the workshop we explored what nervous really is. So there I was in that waiting room for 40 minutes before my audition. I felt my nerves and I was still excited to be there. And when I went in the room my nerves became fuel which ignited an energy that gave my work LIFE. HOLY MOLEY JOSH!

– Helene Taylor, Actress, NYC
Mercy, 30 Rock, Law And Order: SVU

“His Attention On The Individual Is Nothing Less Than Astonishing.”

Thank you!! Josh’s work is inspiring – it really is the best thing I’ve come across. I am so grateful for Committed Impulse and what it’s done for me. I think the true gift of teaching is a gem, an extremely elusive creature … and Josh is the real deal!

The work shined a light into my dark places and it crystalized something for me. It was amazing what Josh was able to bring out of the class as a whole, but more than that his attention on the individual is nothing less than astonishing.

Thank you, thank you so very much!

– Liz Kelly, actress Los Angeles
Boston Legal

“Taking Josh’s CI Class Has Had Nothing Short Of An Incredible Impact On All Aspects Of My Life.”

Taking Josh’s CI class has had nothing short of an incredible impact on all aspects of my life. The unique combination of Josh’s CI technique and his own insights magically strips away the false layers of a person and what’s left is the gift of who they are in each moment. It is like discovering the internal building blocks for leading a grand life.

Since taking CI, I have drawn both existing friends and perfect strangers much closer than I ever thought possible, simply by being with them. And, as a lawyer for a Fortune 500 company, I no longer need to apologize for being good at what I do. This not only makes my life much more enjoyable, it makes it easier on those who work with me. In short, I can now deliver the unfettered version of me to any situation. Thank you, Josh, it is remarkable. I look forward to more CI in Los Angeles!

– Erica Olson, Attorney, CA

“This Has Revolutionized My Entire Existence.”

Thank you Josh Pais for teaching me the power of engaging in every moment – this has ALREADY revolutionized my entire existence. Serioulsy!!!

– Anna Moore, Actor, NYC
Love Bites, Criminal Minds, Law And Order

“I Have 200 Passengers In The Back Of My Airplane Who Are Counting On Me… I’m Back.”

What I’ve noticed since the weekend workshop is more love for my wife and more of a need to appreciate her every moment we’re together, more empathy for people who aren’t blessed in the way I am, and a quicker response time from when I go into “poor me” and recover by saying to myself, “I’m back”. This then results in my feeling more joy and relaxation.

There also seems less of a need for me to “get it all done yesterday.”

The “I’m back” seems to act as a trigger point for me in much the same way as when I was flying airplanes for a living.

When I was a pilot for TWA, whenever a controller told me, for example,

“Cleared for immediate takeoff” when I was taxiing out to and approaching the active runway, that statement acted as a signal that told me,

“O.K., Bertie, you know what happens when you rush things, bad things happen. I have 200 passengers in the back of my airplane who are counting on me to get them to their destination alive, so you better just tell him,

“Unable, I’ll hold short of the runway.”

But now, “I’m back” seems easier and more natural than having to put myself in a dangerous situation before I’m aware of how I’m reacting and not responding appropriately.

– Bert Botta – Entrepreneur

“This Work Led Me Back To A Fun, Exciting, Joyful Experience Of Acting. And…It’s Become Fun To Audition.”

I just finished up the Thursday night class in December. I also am super excited for the Weekend class I just signed up for! On the first day of our Thursday night class a few months ago, Josh asked each of us why we were there, what we hoped to achieve out of our time together. I remember very clearly what my answer was. I wanted acting to be fun again. I wanted to find the joy in my work again. I was at a place where acting was a chore, filled with anxiety, self doubt, and work. I was curious if I could find that fun again. 10 weeks later, I have to be honest, I did. I did! This work led me back to a fun, exciting, joyful experience of acting. I started surprising myself and became more present in my work. And…it’s become fun to work on auditions. The actual experience of auditioning has become exciting! I now approach my work in a completely different manner. What a gift.

– Rebecca Benhayon, Actress, NYC
Grand Theft Auto, Delocated

“Something Washed Clean Inside Me, I Feel Clear, More In Touch With My True Feelings In THIS Moment.”

Words hardly do justice to the experience of Committed Impulse. I’m left with a feeling of well-being that is so satisfying. It is a feeling of completeness that sticks to my ribs (it is 3 weeks since the course finished!).

Oh, by the way, I’m not an actor, I’m a yoga teacher! And my passion for teaching has returned and students are talking lots about their success in yoga. My inner solidness is totally unexpected and also very trackable as I recall the challenges of expressing myself honestly and fully with my body, heart, and soul in your classes. Something washed clean inside me, I feel clear, more in touch with my true feelings in THIS moment, and more naturally inclined to express it honestly! Sign me up for the next one!

Inspired and Grateful!

– Joe Cilmi, yoga teacher

“International Commercial And A TV Series On The Way.”

I have had a very successful year with an international commercial and a TV series on the way. A casting director told me that there was something different about my approach and it was exciting..and on reflection I know in my heart that I owe that to you entirely. Committed Impulse was like fertilizer to a wilting flower..I am hoping to be back in NY in June and will keep an eye on the website to see when classes are. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

– Maria-Rose, Actor, Australia

“My Writing Process Is Fluid And Effortless…I’m Not Adding Drama To The Process Of Creation…”

CI gets us to practice being fully present without attachments, drama or inner dialogue – and it is changing my life for the better. My relationships are more honest and truthful and I am able to enjoy situations as they are without projections. Also, my writing process is becoming more fluid and effortless. I’m not adding drama to the process of creation – I let myself feel whatever emotions I feel, and put my attention on the task. My creative output is more inspired, effortless and joyful. Thank you Josh! I can’t wait to see how far I can go with this.

– Melanie Zoey Weinstein – Actress, Writer, Lyricist, NYC

“I Got The Part! My Auditions Are So Much Better — And I’m Happier! I’ve Actually Come To Enjoy Auditioning. ”

Probably the single most important thing I’ve gained from CI so far is how it’s changed my attitude towards auditioning.used to be such an unpleasant experience — mostly I just wanted to get it over with. And I wasted so much energy trying to work myself up into the proper state. “If I’d only gone ten minutes ago!” I’d think. “I was ready then! But I lost it!” Now, I think of every moment — from the time I leave the house, to sitting in the waiting room, to actually auditioning — as important. As a result, the audition itself is no longer a blur. I feel centered, and even when I find my attention wandering during my monologue I can say “I’m back” and gently bring myself back to the moment. My auditions are so much better — and I’m happier! I’ve actually come to enjoy auditioning! It

The best audition I’ve done recently was also the most fun. Instead of wondering, “do they like me?,” I directed all my attention to each moment of my monologue. And instead of being a torturous, numbing experience (like so many auditions in the past), I felt alive and excited and connected to my material. And you know what? They loved it to: I got the part!

Thanks Josh!

– Katherine Folk-Sullivan, Actress, NYC

“He Really Knows How To Work Specifically With You. That’s A Rare Talent.”

I recommend the Committed Impulse approach to EVERY one… not just actors, even though I happen to be one . Josh is an incredibly generous teacher who is almost abnormally attuned to each individual’s stifled impulses. He really knows how to work specifically with you. That’s a rare talent. The Committed Impulse approach of being “back” or present as much as possible causes you to “show up for your life.” Sounds scary and it certainly can be, but it makes life freaking profound.

Josh gears this course towards actors, but I’ve been present in his class with entrepreneurs, lawyers and other business persons. If you desire to connect truthfully on stage, in the office, or just in life, you have to take this class.

I’m headed away from New York to pursue my MFA but I will get back as much as I can to take the class again. Thanks, Josh. You rock!

– Matt Garner, Actor NYC & NC

“Scorcese Will Be Viewing My Audition Tape.”

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the the magic of Thursday’s past class is working for me. I had a successful call back for Boardwalk Empire and because of that, Scorcese will be viewing my audition tape. Time will tell, but I will continue to practice what you preach!


– Seth Abrams, Actor, NYC

“Every Audition That I Have Booked Work From As An Actress And Host I Have Used The CI Method.”

Every audition that I have booked work from as an actress and host I have used the CI method. Not only does CI help me book work, but I can honestly say that my best work on camera (especially during the often unpredictable man on the street segments) has been done while utilizing his methods. The tools I have learned in CI have allowed me to remain present during live shows, to go off script seamlessly, and to have more fun in the process of interviewing and acting than ever before.

Josh is the best acting teacher I have ever worked with for this reason: He can look at every individual who stands before him in class and pinpoint exactly what that person needs to do in order to allow their truest selves to enter the room, to remain present, and to speak the lines from that place and connect with the audience.

– April Dawn Wilkner, Actor, Host, Model, NYC

Royal Pains, Lipstick Jungle, Guiding Light, America’s Next Top Model, E! True Hollywood Story, On-Air With Ryan Seacrest

“It Was As If The Magic I Was Seeking Came Looking For Me.”

It was on an impulse that I registered for my first acting class, “Committed Impulse”, taught by Josh Pais. I had no idea what to expect but I’d just gone through a crushing disappointment and was desperate to find something to keep me moving and learning.

Moving and learning is exactly the experience I found in Josh’s class. As we moved in class, I felt layers peeling off. Layers that kept me feeling isolated and doubtful. It was exciting and comforting to see the same kind of growth happening in the community of classmates around me. The more committed we were to the exercises the more powerful we became.

This class has opened my awareness and has been useful at work, with my children and in other classes I am taking. It was as if the magic I was seeking came looking for me and found me. Now that I’ve completed one ‘Committed Impulse” class, I am excited to see what happens at my next one. I feel very lucky to be human and to have spent time with such lovely people.

– Dimitrea Tokunbo, children’s book author, illustrator and possibly a future movie star—watch out now!

“Since Taking A Weekend Workshop In June, I’ve Booked A Major National Commercial Here In Ireland And A Part On A Sketch Comedy TV Show.”

Committed Impulse has transformed not only the way I approach acting, but the way I create new work. Since taking a weekend workshop in June, I’ve booked a major national commercial here in Ireland and a part on a sketch comedy TV show with some awesome rising talents–it looks like it’s about to take off (fingers crossed) and they want me involved for the long haul!

I also co-created and performed an original one-woman show, Luck, that was a huge hit at the 2008 Dublin Fringe Festival, received great critical acclaim, won a Fringe award, and is now being invited to tour to the Edinburgh Fringe and beyond this year! And not only did I use the training in performing Luck, during the development and creation process I worked from a place of openness, honesty and presence. I had never truly worked that way before; in the past, when I created new work, I worked from a place of worry, fear, and “getting it right.”

The feedback on my performances from my friends and peers, both actors and non-, has been really phenomenal since the workshop. (Even my very non-artsy husband said, after watching the comedy show, that “You were really present!”)

I can’t wait for another chance to get in the room with Josh and keep this up!

– Megan Riordan, Actor, Ireland

“And, People Keep Dropping Out Of Class Because They Get Work. Every Week Comes With Another Story (Or 2 Or 3) Of Success!”

Almost every acting class in my memory has started with some statistic about how getting up on stage is one of the things most feared in the list of fearful things. That may be true and actors may generally pat themselves on the back for their bravery (and deservedly so, in fact) but general bravery pales in comparison to the brand of bravery you have introduced me to. But along with the courage you inspire us to use this incredible, almost giddy freedom – to me it’s like the courage to fail – which, I believe, is the only way you ever succeed.

Also, Josh, you are one of the most generous people I have ever known. you re-define generosity to me!!! Really! Because the spirit in which you open your heart to listen to your students is like something I’ve never encountered before. You listen without an ounce of ego, you listen with such compassion but also you listen with total honesty – so you never allow us to get away with a lie. Which might seem ruthless but truly – it is not only brave of you to stay true to honesty – it is also the foundation of what makes an actor. You accept no bullshit! I don’t know if I’m that brave, but you inspire me to try…

And, people keep dropping out of class because they get work. Every week comes with another story (or 2 or 3) of success!

– Michelle Sims, Actor, NYC
Cigarette Candy, Ringo, The Distance Between The Apple And The Tree

“Every Student Under His Direction Sees Their Dreams Being Fulfilled.”

I really have to hand it to Josh for what he’s created here. Every student under his direction sees their dreams being fulfilled, and in practical, actionable steps. That’s what’s brilliant about CI — it’s not a system of rules to mentally master an analytical technique. It’s the opposite — a series of physical exercises for when you get up in your head, lost in your thoughts.

CI brings you back.

And then the one-on-one work in class (there’s no substitute) helps strip away all the years of unhelpful habits we accumulate from being lost up there. Josh helps actors (and businesspeople, and actor/producers;) GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY.

And his approach is so specific, distinct and subtle: he gets out of the way too and lets you discover for yourself how just being you, as you are, is more effective than any applied technique. One more thing — Josh’s attention on WORKING and the business side of things develops an actor that is professional and has the skills to navigate audition, interview, and meeting situations. If you have the experience of feeling confident in your work, but not how to get it, take CI.

Josh works and wants you to be working too.

– Ben Wood, Actor NYC

“Learning From a Real Actor Is More Than ANY Acting Workshop Can Offer.”

Not knowing what to expect from Committed Impulse Workshop, I dove in head first, and walked away richer than I have ever been before. There are many acting workshops, but learning from a real actor is more than ANY acting workshop can offer. Josh is amazing. Six Flags doesn’t have this roller coaster ride. The most fun I ever head while learning. I didn’t only learn, but I expanded my network and made good friends. CI is great for anyone.

– Omar Zahir, Actor, NYC

“Because I Am In This AMAZING Class I Got An Acting Job!… This Is The THIRD Job I’ve Gotten While In Class.”

Because I am in this AMAZING class of Josh’s, I got an acting job! I am understudying “Almost An Evening” directed by Neil Pepe and written by Ethan Cohn at Atlantic. I am thrilled! I am also clear that I got the job because of this class. I used to “hate to audition”. Now I stay in my body and practice the Art Form of Committed Impulse. I am grateful to Josh for his brilliance as a teacher and an artist, and to all of you for being a rockin’ ensemble. This is the THIRD job I’ve gotten while in class.

Hmmmm….Committed Impulse= WORK!

ps Tom also got a job….he should share it with you. This stuff works!

– Susan Finch, Actor, Atlantic Theater School Faculty, NYC

“Committed Impulse Has Led To New Representation, Closer Relationships With Casting Directors And Work!”

Josh Pais’s Committed Impulse class is the single mostimportant tool for an actor to have, especially an actor who plans to work in Film and Television. I have utilized his technique in countless auditions and it has led me to new representation, closer relationships with casting directors and work! By far the most valuable tool has been learning how to be comfortable in the room with what I am available togive and knowing that what is naturallythere is the perfect space to act from. I consider Josh a friend, peer, and mentor and think that every actor at every level can benefit from his class.

– Amelia Jean, Actor, NYC
Law And Order: SVU, Veronica Mars

“I Landed A Role In A Production Of The Larimie Project”

To paraphrase Susan, you are amazing…your teachings truly inspire…I landed a role in a production of the Laramie Project(playing the Dad) and during the audition, I just kept thinking about being there and feeling what I was feeling at the moment and I nailed it. Your teachings ROCK…Thank you Josh for all you do.

– Tom Marchitelli, Actor, NJ
The Sopranos

“Last Week I Was Cast In The Disney Movie…”

Last week I was cast in and shot the Disney movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. It was 13 hours of quietly saying “I’m back” to myself, but without committed impulse, while I might have been cast, I wouldn’t have been there at all. I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week.

– Gerrit Goossen, Actor, NY
How I Met Your Mother, One Life To Live, Law And Order: Criminal Intent

“I Have Literally Booked Every Single Film I Auditioned For…”

I was in acting training for 3 years, and nothing felt easy. Even my most “successful” work, it felt just like that – work. I wanted to get back to what made acting fun for me, but I didn’t know how to get there.

Then I took Josh’s class, and I’m hooked. Being present has transformed my life. I’m not constantly judging my progress or thinking that I need to be more advanced in my career or personal life. I thoroughly enjoy being here, living in the present moment. My previous acting training was more intellectual, and that wasn’t working for me. Committed impulse brought me back to my body and the energy between me and other people. I love Josh’s physical approach to the character.

Using his Committed Impulse techniques, I have literally booked every single film I auditioned for last semester. It also made my audition into a new program totally effortless. After the audition, I wasn’t sitting at home stressing over my acceptance or some other thing that I can’t control. It’s totally liberating and awesome. I don’t have the same voice in my head telling me I suck. And when that voice pops up (as it’s bound to do from time to time), I breathe, put my attention out onto the big, bustling world, open my ears and heart, listen, and say “I’m back.”


I’m kind of enthusiastically rambling, but I got really excited writing this. Thank you!

– Meredith O’Leary, Actor, Los Angeles

“Little Did I Know What A Life Changing Experience This Was Going To Be.”

COMMITTED IMPULSE workshop is a life-changing experienceand I want to have more and more of it as I discover my own excellence… and book more work.

When I came to The New York Actor intensive program at the New School University, in the summer of 2005, I was exhilarated! I didn’t even know what to expect, but it was an instinctive feeling of “my dreams come true”. Little did Iknow what a life changing experience that was going to be. And I don’t mean to minimize any of the other subjects, but Josh’s COMMITTED IMPULSE technique blew my mind away. It was as if I was living in those
films where we see the actors so intense and so expressive and so compelling – and this was done simply by staying in the moment! I now attend all the weekend intensive workshops.

This is not even an acting technique, it’s a lifestyle. I met a number of people who are not actors, yet they found their true expression and inner truth in Josh’s class. I go back to have Josh’s input, just like you go to the gym, and I learned so many things about myself that I wouldn’t want to miss flexing my “staying in the moment muscle”.

Since then, acting is a true self expression for me, not so much “hard” work, rather an effortless expression of my imagination and an extraordinary freedom to enjoy my feelings. I am now so happy in my own skin with all that the moment brings to me, every emotion is “legitimate” and I don’t fight the “nervousness” anymore, rather I welcome it as a gift for a more real and true expression of myself.

Thank you, Josh, for sharing your discoveries with us, and I’ll come to your workshops over and over again! It’s never the same thing, and I feel truly alive.

– Llyane Stanfield – Actor & Producer, Canada
The Kennedys, Nikita, Cold Blood

“I Can’t Get Enough Because It Has Changed My life!”

I’ve never felt so comfortable being myself than in Josh’s class. He creates a safe non-judgemental environment that inspires people to give themselves the permission to feel things. I always feel so much more alive and awake to the world around me. Acting without thinking, planning, or inventing is both terrifying and exhilarating. I can’t get enough because it has changed my life!

– Han Nah Kim, Actor, NYC

“Committed Impulse Is Revolutionary And Life-Changing”

I was thinking Committed Impulse was like the icing on top of the acting technique cake….then I quickly corrected myself and said, “no, it’s the sugar in the cake!” It’s what makes the cake tasty and delicious. It makes me want to eat more cake. It brings the cake to life!…I could go on and on. Committed Impulse is revolutionary and life-changing and it’s opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me as an actor and a person.


– Katharine (Kat) Ross, Actor, NYC

“I Gained More Acting Insight Than I Had In Previous Classes”

I also had to say again how great it was to be in class this session. I feel like I gained even more acting insight than I had in previous classes and it was really inspiring to watch everyone’s growth over the course of the class, including my own.

One thing I came away with thinking last night was that as actors we need to be so giving. We need to give to our scene partners, we need to give to our audiences, and in order to stay in the moment and connected to our bodies we need to constantly be offering up ourselves and what we’re feeling inside in order for new emotions to flow in and feed us with that oscillating, metamorphosis of material from which we work while performing.

And when I think of the process of acting as like giving a gift, then going to an audition isn’t as scary. When you’re more concerned with giving to the producers and agents etc, than on what you’ll get back, it can become freeing and effortless. Thanks for an awesome class and I’ll see you in the next class.

– Alice Johnson, Actor, Script Supervisor, NY

“Josh’s Approach Showed Me How To Stay Present Moment To Moment.”

After four years of college, I was constantly told I was too “in my head.” Being open to Josh’s approach finally showed me how to avoid this habit and stay present moment to moment. The shift that Committed Impulse gave me (which was so easy!), has not only made acting infinitely more fun and playful, but all the interactions and situations in my life more sincere and manageable. It’s the only acting class or workshop that I recommend to my colleagues. And I recommend it all the time.

– Nicki Miller

“Committed Impulse Is A Necessity In Life…It Is Invaluable”

Committed Impulse is, to me, a necessity in life. As a tool for an actor it is invaluable. It forces you to be present, brave and… COMMITTED to what you are doing. You learn to follow your impulses, the greatest gift an actor has.

Acting is a magical experience and there’s a lot going on. Sometimes, actors try to fight the truth because it’s scary and uncomfortable. How wonderful it is, then, for something like Committed Impulse to allow us to explore ways to get past the safe and confined and let us really, really feel something.

To me, it’s not just valuable to an actor, it’s valuable to a human being in everyday life. And, like all things in life, it’s a constant process that one has to continuously work with.

I am thankful I had Committed Impulse training and will continue to use its common sense practices in my work.

– Nick Smoke, Actor, Los Angeles
The League, The Social Network

“Josh Has An Uncanny Ability To Know What His Students Need.”

Since taking Committed Impulse with Josh, my life is aheck of a lot more joansatisfying. I am so grateful to Josh for taking the time from his life and his own very successful career to teach. Josh is amazing. I actually went up to him and asked him if he was psychic. Josh has an uncanny ability to know what his students need. He gives you tools that you can use in your life and your work in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Josh is a phenomenal teacher who attracts wonderful people to his class.

Although some of the physical work is challenging for me, I got an unexpected benefit. I normally sleep on my side or back, but in the past, if I should lay on my stomach, my neck hurt. After doing a chaos exercise I can now rest comfortably on my stomach.

Whether you are a working actor, want to be an actor, or just want to try something new, and shake things up in your life, I highly recommend Josh and Committed Impulse.

– Joan Shangold, Actor, Writer, NYC

“I Had My Second Ever Audition A Few Weeks Ago And I Got The Part!”

I have some great news to share! I had my second ever audition a few weeks ago and I got the part! CI was absolutely at work and I had an amazing audition experience!

I was very scared and nervous. In the past I would have let this shut me down. I watched thoughts pass of “I want to run away, I can’t do this, I’m embarrassed, I suck.” But I let myself actually have those thoughts without allowing them to stop me.

Once I got into the space, I just let go… and rode the little roller coaster! The words I was reading simply attached themselves to the energy that was flowing out of me. And I wasn’t doing anything!!

I watched the two guys exchange glances, smiling and say “this is what we want … this is exactly what we want.” It was an awesome experience!

More good news: I had another audition last night, and it was awesome! It was just play, and I walked out not even thinking about the show, or if they liked me, or how I did … I was giggly and feeling great from playtime! Then I found out this morning, that I have a callback!

I stayed exactly where I was … in an audition … not in my head. Magic!

-Swain McCaughrin, Actor, NYC

“…Not Only A New Approach to Acting, But A New Approach To Living”

Committed Impulse has taught me not only a new approach to acting, but a new approach to living. I am more aware of my body and thoughts during even the simplest tasks. Simply being aware of the emotions flowing through my body at each given moment and noticing when my thoughts take me out of the present moment has taught me to live a fuller and richer life. This, in turn, has increased my acting skill set exponentially.

– Conor Tansey, Actor, NYC

“CI Helped To Give Me An Amazing, Fresh Outlook On, And Approach To, Acting And Singing And Life!”

My experience was primarily in singing and I was fortunate enough to find Josh’s Committed Impulse class when I wanted to start acting training as well. Josh’s class was so unique and fun, and has helped to give me an amazing, fresh outlook on, and approach to, acting and singing and life! I have definitely noticed a positive change in how I feel in both auditioning and performing, and look forward to the next session of classes. Even though it is not logical, it makes the most sense of any acting technique I have learned about. Woohoo!!

– Joy Bellis, Singer, NYC

“I Did A Great Job And She Would Love To Work With Me.”

I had an amazing experience auditioning last week. I went in totally present, not in my head about who the casting director was, what they were thinking about me, what everyone in waiting was thinking of me, I walked in the room confident and did the Monologue I did in Class a few weeks ago and she really liked it… She told me I did a great job and she would love to work with me…. The great thing was… I can’t remember how the monologue came out… I don’t remember anything about it, and I think it’s because I was in the moment the whole time not in my head!

– Megan Segarra, Actor, NYC

“I’m Back In Australia With Joy About Auditioning Again.”

I just wanted to say thank you, your class and everyone in it was anamazing experience. I’m back in Australia with joy about auditioning again and not trying to get anywhere. I thank you once again.

I wish you all the best.

– Simon Trevorrow, Actor, Australia

“Before CI, I Walked Through Life More Like A Machine And I Didn’t Even Realize It.”

Before CI I walked through life more like a machine and I didn’t even realize it. More “doing” than “feeling” or ”behaving reasonable” instead of “listening to myself”. Not that life didn’t work out. It felt OK at that time, but only because I didn’t know better. I didn’t know that there are so many more nice feelings inside of me and in this world. After CI, I am feeling fulfilled, because I go more for things I am passionate about and that feels so amazingly good. I discovered how life can be much more playful and fun.

– Claudia Freimuth, Entrepreneur, Germany

“Josh And His Committed Impulse Class Will Blow You Away.”

To commit to anything brings you personal satisfaction. To commit to something that is already in your body, that’s natural, free and specific to you brings a reward that is priceless. Recognize and follow what your impulses tell you and acting is effortless. Josh and his committed impulse class will blow you away with how easy it is when you have the bravery and will to be 100% in the moment.

– Katie Reddin-Clancy, Actor, UK

“Josh has created this incredible way for people to go beyond the limitations of their bodies and brains.”

I took Josh’s class because I understood so much of what I am doing as an entrepreneur is challenging me to go well beyond what I know as an investor + banker. After having taken Josh’s class, I began to access something deep inside me that has changed how I do things. I know, this sounds like a testimonial, but I’m telling you it’s true! Josh has created this incredible way for people to go beyond the limitations of their bodies and brains. While many actors take his course, I would argue the non-actors are the ones who benefit most from josh and I’m totally living proof of that. There is something truly magical about owning every piece of you and channeling that into something powerful. You are more present, more honest, and more compelling.

– Umber Ahmad, Entrepreneur and Investor