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The Key To Health and Creativity…. WHY YOU GOTTA FEEL IT!

What a time we live in.

I’m certainly not smart enough to make any summation of where we are and what
should be done.

However, here is something that I’m seeing…

A lot of people are shutting down as a way to deal with the pressure, fear, and
uncomfortableness that is in the air right now. I hear about this emotional shut down
with people I’m working with and I’ve seen reports about this phenomenon in the nightly

Let’s take a look a look at this.

First off, what is “shutting down”?

I would define it as decreasing the sensations/emotions in the body in an attempt to
achieve a seemingly more desirable experience. Or you could just say… suppression.

Or you could say shutting down is a technique to decrease our awareness of and
connection to the information in our body.

Certainly, there may be intense times when shutting down the experiential tap may be
necessary – but, in my humble opinion, this vice is way over used.

First off, your body information is EXTREMELY valuable, if underrated.

Cutting ourselves off from our body information, I will be so bold as to say, is

Check it…

RESULTS: When we shut ourselves down…

  • We breathe less. This shuts down countless rejuvenating responses in the
  • Our bodies generate tension – because the natural flows of sensations are
    halted and trapped – in the body. Note: left unexperienced – tension leads to pain
    and can ultimately lead to disease (if ignored over long periods of time). Have
    you ever noticed people that are disconnected from what they feel are extremely
    tight and tense?
  • Our creativity gets stilted and hard to access. Why? Our creativity lives in our
    body – not in our thoughts.
  • We deal with situations on auto-pilot and miss the nuance of the moment. Who
    wants to be around that in the workplace or the romantic space?
  • We spend time in our heads spiraling in repetitive self debilitating thoughts – we
    fall into cycles of drama – and everything starts looking like crap.
  • Fun is not a possibility. Why? We can’t selectively edit ourselves. If we edit out
    the sensation of fear, for example, we also edit out the sensation of joy – and
    every other sensation for that matter. Like it or not – it’s an all or nothing

Come with me on a lil journey to the flip-side.

On the flip-side – great things happen as we maintain a connection to the ever shifting
information flowing through the body…

RESULTS: When we feel it.

  • We have the greatest potential to remain present. Why? Presence requires a
    body connection. (listen to this audio for more on this: Presence Audio.)
  • Staying connected is necessary for extreme health. For one – when we stay
    connected to the ebb-and-flow of our body sensations we don’t generate chronic
    tension. Why? Because as we feel – we also “burn up” experiences as opposed
    to stifling and storing experiences in our neck, shoulders, lower back, internal
    organs, etc. Yes – even your Immune system will be enhanced.
  • We have greater access to our creativity. Yes, uh huh, I’ll say it again – creativity
    lives in your body – not your thoughts.
  • We are able to relate to events and situations with immediacy, responsibility,
    and in real time. Why? When we are connected to our bodies this allows us to
    connect more fully to what is around us. There is a definite correlation. And when
    we are connected to what is really going on – we respond superbly as opposed to
  • Yup – We feel more alive, spontaneous, and playful.
  • Potential downside – BUT NOT REALLY!!!! When you experience the full
    spectrum of sensation – it’s inevitable that you’re going to feel things that you
    have a low tolerance for. Good news. The Committed Impulse game is all about
    increasing your tolerance for the full spectrum of sensation. Once you’ve
    mastered that – it just takes some CI practice – you’ll be truly creatively invincible!
  • The potential for more fun is radically increased.
  • Your creative work will unfold with greater nuance and richness.
  • You’ll be able to embrace the excitement of the unknown.

Hey green juice drinkers, if you want a full cleanse, you gotta stay present with what is
happening in your body. Experiencing your natural and organic sensations will optimize
your health, creativity, aliveness and ability to have FUN.

OK, so you get what I’m saying???

Feel it!

When it comes to body sensation: Ride it! Don’t hide it!

Now, if you are one of those people that needs some easy steps to feel more.
Stay tuned for the next blog post that will teach you the three easy steps to train you to
experience more sensation.

Rock on!


Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Totally made me smile, Josh… especially about the green juice drinkers…. I’m laughing. Cannot WAIT for LA at the end of January!!! 2016 here we COME!!!
    Rebecca recently posted..How to learn math when you’re in the carMy Profile

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