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Why Do We Prevent Our Best Work From Coming Out?

Working with thousands of actors, artists, doctors, coaches and entrepreneurs, I notice that we all have areas that we keep hidden from others – and from ourselves.

And what I find fascinating is that when those hidden areas are no longer held tight – presence and creativity abound.


The stories, the incidents, the situations that we hold as private – don’t need to be revealed to open up the creative doors.


The sensations that we keep under lock-and-key must be WELCOMED INTO THE LIGHT if you are to create at your highest level.


Once an actor, or any other creator, allows themselves to broaden their emotional playing field – they have more energy.

Plus their ability to create becomes effortless.

It doesn’t mean that they are suddenly more “emotional” – it simply means that they are not using X amount of energy to keep certain emotions and body sensations locked up.

And, be assured, it is draining to use your energy to prevent yourself from allowing the natural spectrum of sensations to occur.

Very often our minds will tell us that if we let ourselves feel more – that we will become a gooey-mush-puddle-of-unproductive-and-irrational-weeping-rage… or something like that.

I understand those thoughts.

HOWEVER… ( That’s inaccurate and…)

If you want to create in the present moment – WHICH IS YOUR JOB(!!!) – you cannot afford to waste your energy holding yourself back.


When I’ve seen people in class push through their “locked doors” the result I’ve witnessed 100% of the time is ALIVENESS, JOY and an ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY.

This is not to say there were not a host of other body sensations and emotions that flowed out first – but the ultimate result is FREEDOM.

Freedom from self imposed limitations that hide your potential and your best work.



YOU CAN’T SELECTIVELY EDIT YOURSELF! If you shut down one part of yourself – you shut down the whole enchilada.

You don’t want to do that!!! I know you don’t.

You are here to create, and inspire and make jingle while doing it.

Wanna dive deeper?

Here’s a phenomenal way to start this journey. Really worth checking out.

Breathe deep. Feel the sensation. Create.

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!