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It is a new year.

And I gotta say…

This one feels different to me. Truly a time for new beginnings and with clear vision obstacles will be at a minimum. The creative window is open. It is a time to boldly move forward.


What you have to offer the world is needed more than ever. Sure, maybe you’ve heard that before, or seen it on a coffee mug. But YOUR time is NOW.



Gonna get deep for a moment here… As the world spins into new levels of chaos and fear, politicians don’t seem to have the tool sets to undo the current trend. You know – that trend to attack one another because of religious beliefs or because we all don’t look the same.

If we boil it down it’s greed, and people’s inability to accept that we all have different shades of skin color and different religious beliefs, that causes all the big wars and violent acts.

Talk about juvenile. Wow.

So, if politics as usual isn’t going to be able to make shifts to undo this pattern of attacking those who are different. Well then what do we do?

YOU MAY NOT LIKE THIS, BUT… I state that it is up to the modern day Artist and Entrepreneur to step to the plate.


It’s time for YOU to access all that creative muscle you have under your belt, hmm, or under your shirt… uhh… Got it: IN YOUR SOUL.

All that power that resides in you – IN YOUR SOUL – that is what the world needs now. For reals.

So, this is my call to friggin’ go for it this year.

You know it’s true that creative acts slip into the viewers unconscious and generate change.

And, in order for that creative act to have resonance we’re gonna have to create from our souls with truth and presence.

This doesn’t mean our work needs to be political or even address any particular issue directly. But it can, of course.

What it does mean is that we must create from presence. We must allow the creative act to unfold with the magic, if you will, of uncertainty.

If we create from presence, presence will spread.

And when we’re present we see what’s actually in front of us and we’re able to release ideas created in the past that are no longer accurate. When we are present, being destructive and hurtful is the furthest thing from our consciousness.

This year I dedicate all my classes, and what I create as an actor/director/writer/producer, to inspire the best in all of us. That may mean making someone laugh, or it may mean telling the truth even when it is uncomfortable.

If I can support you, I am game.

Create from your gut, your soul or some other nasty fun place.

Nurture yourself. Run your business with boldness, generosity and kindness.

Artists, Entrepreneurs, Let’s Fuckin’ Jam!

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

4 Responses to YOUR CALL TO ACTION.

  1. Marisa Clare says:

    You always make me feel so happy that I opened your email…you never disappoint Josh.

    I’m with you on this 100%

    love rockets in flight >>>>><3

  2. Love this, Josh! History shows us that it’s the artists and visionaries of their time that make the greatest impact in moving the nation – whether it was Mary, Queen of Scots, Mozart, da Vinci or Steve Jobs in a more recent era, it’s these creative, out-of-the-box thinkers that leave their mark on the world and forever change the course of history.

    Let’s do this!
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  3. Dan says:

    Just about to walk into a VO – pumped up!!! I’m back and let’s do this!

  4. elaine says:

    Letting my presence be known. Holla!

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