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Imagine an approach to acting that’s actually fun and gets you work –

even if you’re not an actor.

I discovered a set of tools that has allowed me to be a steadily working actor for the past 25 years. And, the fact that my acting career keeps getting better is solely the result of using Committed Impulse.

These same tools work for anyone who creates: entrepreneurs, artists, writers and yes, you.

I’ve used CI in over 90 movies and TV shows. This stuff works.

I don’t need to teach, I love to teach. And I’m honored to have taught thousands of actors, artists and entrepreneurs how to use these tools to create unstoppable success.

Not only does Committed Impulse help you book jobs, CI is also a comprehensive approach to acting that trains you to be present and create from your truth.

Old school approaches to acting don’t lead to steady employment. Why? Because audiences today want spontaneity, aliveness, and to witness art that unfolds in the present moment.

If you want to work steadily, you must learn to convert your solid interpretation of a script into spontaneous behavior.

That’s what the Committed Impulse will train you to do.

Even better, CI will help you end self-sabotage and silence an overactive, self-doubting mind.

While initially created for actors, Committed Impulse has become the “secret weapon” for leading entrepreneurs, speakers, and other creative professionals around the world.

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Josh Pais