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About CI

Committed Impulse is a rigorous and enlivening approach to acting.

CI was initially developed as a cutting edge approach solely for actors who want a way of working that generates steady employment.

More recently CI has also become the “secret weapon” for leading entrepreneurs, speakers and other creative professionals around the world.

We often have 25% non-actors in class. It’s an awesome mix. A melting pot of like-minded creators committed to accessing their excellence.

Each class is different and unique – so, always expect the unexpected.

But here’s a rundown of what may happen…

Each class has some kind of physical warm up. Often it is The Series, which is a state of the art physical training that pulls you out of the gunk of your mind and into your body and the present moment. Want to learn The Series now?

Often after the warm up, you’re going to dive into an exercise with the other participants that trains you to create spontaneously while instilling the theme of that particular class.

Common themes are: How to create a character (learning the twelve key character tools), implementing the four access points to ensure presence, embodying the science of spontaneity, creating from your truth, how to reveal the underbelly of the scene, physical training – going beyond your mind, releasing Body Armor, and the importance of fun (for some- the most challenging).

By this time in class, you’re going to be out of your head (if you want to be), and engaging the full access of your creativity, that’s when we usually go into monologues and/or scenes.

Typically scene work unfolds this way…

You’re going to discuss your scene to clarify the dynamics of the situation.

Then you’re ready to implement one of the more than 20 CI tools to convert your intellectual interpretation immediately into organic behavior.

The result: you reveal the intricacies of the material while creating in the present moment and honoring your truth at the same time.

Committed Impulse is an approach – not a technique.

It’s a path rather than a destination. Wait, did somebody write that shit on a coffee mug? OK, I’m back.

The more you train, the more the work is always at your fingertips. That’s why many people train in CI, go do movies, TV shows, public speaking, theatre, etc. and then return to dig in deeper.

This work is for professionals (in any field), and those that are committed to being professional.

CI is a community of creators that are committed to turning pro in every area of their business and creative lives.

CI is designed to get you out into the world using your artistry to make a great living and to make the planet a better place.

Come train, get out into the world, and do your thing.

The result for many:  they book jobs while the classes are in session, they write more, they have less stress, they make more money, their relationships become easier, and they have more fun.

That’s it. The rest, you have to experience…

GET FREE INSTANT ACCESS to your first lesson "The 4 Access Points to Presence"