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CI Update

Hey Impulse Gangstas

Just a quickie…

I often talk about how others are using the Committed Impulse Approach to bring fun, creativity, spontaneity and truth to their work.

Today, just a lil update about where I am exploring the work…

I am currently doing an Off Broadway play with The New Group at The Signature Theatre on 42nd Street.
Ticket info: https://www.thenewgroup.org/downtownraceriot.html
(If you do come – don’t tell me ahead of time – but do say hi after the show.)

Downtown Race Riot
Simultaneously I am doing a new top secret Netflix show, directed by Cary Fukunaga…

Josh Pais

And a I’m also doing a movie written and directed by Owen Kline called Two Against Nature.

It’s a wild time going from the theatre to set and back.

I am so grateful for all the Committed Impulse tools to keep me present and playful.

I’ll leave you with on of the many videos I’ve received from y’all.

I’ve been receiving some beautiful videos from the amazing actors, artists and entrepreneurs who have been bringing the CI Approach to their creative lives. If YOU want to send us a video about your Committed Impulse experience – in class or with the CI Online Program, I’d be honored!

Here’s Julia…

That’s all for now.

I look forward to working with YOU soon.

Here’s what’s coming up…


January 26, 27+28, 2018.
The Committed Impulse Experience

5 Week Master Class starting March 4th in Venice, Ca.
5 Week Master Class


7 Week Master Class Starting May 3rd, 2018
7 Week Master Class

ADVANCED CI starting May 2nd, 2018

Big Hug

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!