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How To Have The Best Thoughts

“I’m not good enough.”

“I should be further along by now.”

“I’m too old.”

“I’m not ready.”

“Do they like me?”


OK, look, I’ve been teaching Committed Impulse for 25 years. I hate admitting I’ve done anything for that long. Because my thoughts follow up with : “You old f*^#ker!”

And over these 25 years (Damnit) I’ve worked with Academy Award winning movie stars, cutting edge entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 business owners, actors just starting to work, thriving artists and musicians, medical professionals, coaches…

Bottom Line: people that want to take their creative lives to the next level.

And here’s what I’ve found.

EVERYONE has crappy self-debilitating thoughts.

Thoughts that are downright crippling.

And these sucky thoughts exist regardless of the money in the bank and the awards on the mantle.

What to do?

The obvious response to something that sucks is to try to change it.

As a result, there have been countless movements to teach us how to have better thoughts.

But ya know why people keep coming up with new programs to improve thoughts?


That’s right.

Why – because an approach to improve thoughts is 100% going to fail.



Your thoughts are not going to improve.


Wait – don’t run away…


Good news coming…

The game isn’t to attempt to have better thoughts.
The game is to shift what you listen to.


If you’ve been around the CI community – you know where I’m going. But go with me, damnit! Good times ahead!

So what the heck do ya listen to if ya don’t listen to that thought machine that tells you, “Nice try – but not good enough.”



Take a deep breath. I MEAN IT. Right now.

Inhale into your lower back.

Exhale, allow the energy to rise and flow out your chest.

Keep breathing deep.

Breathe. See.

Now look around – wherever you are. (No one will know.) Breathe deep and see what is actually there. See it in high definition. Keep breathing.

Now add in what you feel in your body.

Breathe. See. Feel.

Uh – you went into a thought. Say (quietly if you need to) “I’m Back.”

Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

Breathe. See. Feel. “I’m Back.”

It’s that simple. We want to access the information that is REAL, and occurring in this moment. That includes what is in front of you, and what is in your body. Breath increases the awareness of this info.

And here’s what’s really exciting.

Connecting to these four access points opens the creative channel.


You don’t need to listen to – or improve – your thoughts to invite the genius that is in you.

Actually, hanging out with those thoughts blocks the creative channel.

Say “I’m Back.”

Go create awesomeness you creative genius you!

With Love


Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this, Josh – definitely need this reminder. Thank you always for the truth bombs!
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  2. Laura says:

    LOVE this, Josh! I took CI years ago, and truly appreciate this reminder. :) I’m Back!

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