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I work with private clients who are self-motivated, resourceful, and fast to implement. If you’re committed to make a difference in the world with your business and your life, my work will be a good fit for you.

If you do not welcome honest feedback and straight talk you’re better off working with someone else. My style is direct, supportive and playful.

If you are unwilling to do what it takes to live an extraordinary life and have a brilliant career, then let’s not waste each other’s time.

Only those open to new experiences, improving their physical health and well-being should apply.

Your sessions will take place on the phone, via Skype phone, and depending on availability, in person.

“The first job I went out on with my new reps, Gossip Girl, I booked with my CI technique.

Committed Impulse cuts a clear path through my self-doubting thoughts and worries. It makes auditioning simpler. That’s why I booked a meeting with Josh Pais when I needed advice on agent stuff. All my insane thoughts were clouding everything, and I needed to break through them.

Josh and I formulated a plan. He helped me choose an agent and manager I love; he helped me realize that I’m not crazy. I used CI in my agent meetings, and the first job I went out on with my new reps, Gossip Girl, I booked with my CI technique. Right after that I booked a role on 30 Rock.”

-Max Jenkins, Actor

My work is sought out by entrepreneurs, actors, and other professionals who want to increase their credibility, accelerate their careers, and strengthen their ability to remain present with consistency.

Many people want to develop presence on camera. Others want to learn how to deal with nerves when they are in front of an audience, a boardroom, a casting director, or even on a date. Expect a radical shift in these areas.

As you may have heard, I have an uncanny ability to see where and how you stop and block yourself. You will be led through unique exercises and discussions that will generate rapid shifts. The result: consistently doing your absolute best work, making more money, and having fun while doing it.


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My assistant will be in touch within 2 business days after the full application below is completed and submitted. At that time she will tell you my availability and pricing. I look forward to working with you.

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