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How to Be an Irresistible Actor

Wait – not an actor? Make no mistake, this IS about you, too.

After a day of auditioning, the director has narrowed it down to two actresses. They both did a fantastic job. The director loves them both. Tough decision ahead. The part, of course, goes to only one of them.

Let’s follow both actresses and see what happens.

One of the actresses leaves the audition and immerses herself in her day. She reads a book; she visits with a friend; she puts her laundry in the machine; she eats some mad, crazy, delicious pizza; she helps an old lady across the street; she takes a power nap; she goes to her day job and commits to it as if that is what she’s supposed to be doing. She digs into whatever is in front of her as if it matters.


The other actress wanders through her day analyzing her audition. “It went really well. There was a good energy in the room. Hmm…should I have asked to try it again? I could have done better. I could have shown them more. I’m not sure I wore the right blouse. Dammit. Maybe my agent can get me some feedback…shit, my agent is at lunch. Who is he having lunch with? Probably a more important client. I need this job. I fucking sucked in that audition…again!”


I don’t have scientific proof for what I’m about to say. I do, however, know there is truth in it.

When the director is pondering his decision, he’s going to be influenced by how these two actresses are partaking in their lives. I understand this may sound a little woo woo. But as he looks at their headshots trying to make this tough decision, my strong bet is that he will pick the actress who is immersed in her life, not the one in drama mode. It’s not logical why he picks the one actress over the other. He’s just gets a better feeling about her.

Remember, intuition is prevalent in all of us. And even though the director is not in physical proximity to these actresses, he is still receiving information.

Live like it matters. It does.

Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

5 Responses to How to Be an Irresistible Actor

  1. “live like it matters… it does.” #Thatisall
    Lisa Robbin Young recently posted..“Impossible” vs. “Really Hard”My Profile

  2. Nicole Pacent says:

    Exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you, Josh. <3

  3. Dija says:

    Hi Josh,
    I found you through makecreativitypay.com and I’m glad I did. Finding this to be true more and more in life in general. Great post!
    Dija recently posted..Weekly Wishes Goal Setting Link UpMy Profile

  4. I’m a songwriter, but publisher meeting are similar to auditions.What I might do, rather than the beat me up is to stop for a coffee…make some notes about the people I met (from the receptionist to the head honcho to other writers) — note small talk details to jump off from next time so that our next encounter is more personal, notes about what the pub responded to, what he’s looking for, what worked, what to try next time. And then I write a brief email thanks (unless a handwritten note would impress), and add a reconnect date to my calendar. And then I’d mentally high five myself for getting out there. THEN on with my day. It’s a bit different in the relationship but the mental beatdown is unnecessary here too. (PS. I was in the Mastery with you Josh — so cool to see all you’ve done and do!)

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