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Self Talk vs. Presence

There’s something I’ve been hearing a lot of lately when I’m coaching actors and other creatives.

Something that does NOT serve the creative process.

I often hear when, let’s say an actor is in the audition room, and inside their head they’re ( often frantically) saying, “I’m doing great.” “This is going well.” “I deserve this.”

Ya know, positive affirmations.

I get it – they want to reprogram their thoughts – and have good ones. Because, let’s face it – the only reason to say, “I’m doing great,” is to counterbalance a thought that says, “I suck right now.”

Here’s the bottom line…

There may be a time for self talk – but in the moment you are creating – that is NOT the time.

When we are in the act of creation – whether that’s while the camera is rolling, or your clients are before you ready to hear your pitch – at that moment self talk will actually work against you.

Being in your head (regardless of what you’re thinking) will lead whoever is watching you, into their heads. You don’t want that to happen.

It may feel safer to stay in your thoughts – but it will be radically un-effective.

What to do?

In the moment of creation – keep your BREATH going, actually SEE who and what is in front of you, and maintain a connection to the sensations in your BODY. You don’t have to do all these at once – any one of them will pull you into the present moment.

And the best ideas, the best performances, and the best presentations happen in the present moment.

Of course, anytime you are aware you have drifted back into your thoughts that means it’s time for an, “I’m Back” moment and then return to what is actually happening in and around you.

Connecting to the 4 ACCESS POINTS TO PRESENCE will always pull you back into the current moment and open the creative channel.

If you want to listen to or review the 4 access points in more depth, you can always listen to the 4 ACCESS POINTS TO PRESENCE anytime of day or night.

Breathe, See, Feel, I’m Back.

And, have fun!

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Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

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