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3 Steps to Connect to Your Aliveness and Full Potential

As we discussed in the last Blog Post: The Key to Health and Creativity it’s vital for your creativity and health to stay connected to your body.

Remember: your creativity lives in your body – not your thoughts.

The more connected you are to your body – the more creativity will flow.

And the more in the moment you will be.

If you think of someone you’ve met who has a really tight body – you may have noticed that they tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, thinking, worrying and stressing. And, probably you don’t think of them as very spontaneous people.

Not how our CI posse wants to play in the world.

And, many times when I start working with working actors and business leaders who want to take their creativity, and thusly their incomes, to the next level they are faced
with an obstacle.

They don’t know what they are feeling. They can’t really access the truth their bodies are always offering.

This is quite common – and for all of us there is always a next level of connection available. And, as you know, it is far far far better to connect to your body than to connect to the self-debilitating thoughts that circulate in our minds when the body connection is decreased.

So, how to connect to your body? And thereby connect to your aliveness and full potential?

Three steps, baby!

Here we go.

Step 1.
Ask yourself what is the loudest part of your body. Meaning, what part of your body – in this moment – do you feel the most? Is it your shoulders, your belly, your neck, feet, butt, lower back? Take a deep breath and see what part is the loudest ( experientially.). Got it? And remember – this doesn’t need to be profound. Just notice.

Step 2.
Breathe deep. Aim your breath into that area. Even if it is your right knee – play with the image of aiming your breath into that area. THEN, notice what kind of movement is happening in that area. This may seem an odd concept in the beginning. But see if you can get a sense of what the atoms are doing in that area. Are they spinning, contracting, lifting, flowing, pulsating, expanding? Even though there may be no movement via muscle, bone, tendons, etc – below the surface see if you can start to feel the movement that is occurring. This may take a lil practice. DO IT – it’s well worth it. After all this is not about getting touchy feely – this is about accessing your aliveness and full potential.

Step 3.
Again, continue to breathe into this area and see what emotion is there. Feel the purity of the emotion. Don’t attach any drama to the emotion. And don’t try to justify why you may be feeling whatever emotion is there. That’s a waste of time, and will only lead you back into your circular thoughts – which is what we are bypassing with this exercise.

Lil game: say to yourself – or out loud if possible.
“I feel xxxx in my right knee – and that’s great”

Practice this for 3 minutes a day for 5 days – and you will notice a profound shift in your aliveness and potential to create.

Let us know, below, if you any questions – or simply what you’re discovering.

Have an awesome day!


Damn straight, send me my free 27 minute lesson with Josh!

5 Responses to 3 Steps to Connect to Your Aliveness and Full Potential

  1. Just tried this – LOVE it so far – really can feel a shift already….and that was just once. I’m gonna commit to this for 5 days and see how it goes :)

  2. Pamela Dunn says:

    This is the best article! Thank you! I want to be more aware and out of my head…Feels so much better!

  3. Qelsey says:

    I jumped into this activity and instantly felt an aliveness move through my body, even as I sat laying across my deck chairs. Immediate enthusiasm ran through me and I experienced how direct this approach got me connected to all the alive-potential floating around my body. It’s right there and acessable as soon as I put attention on it!

    Thanks for the jolt Josh!

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